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Looking out for Bare Bottom Spanking Contacts? Meeting up with those that love being spanked or offering spanking to females with bare buttocks. Its probably one of the oldest and more traditional forms of corporal punishment contacts. Some would say the only true CP.


Its one of the more traditional methods of corporal punishment with the spanker putting the sub over his lap, pulling down panties / undies then will spank with hand to Bare buttocks, sometimes switching to paddles, hairbrushes, belts, canes, or just a firm hand, question is are you ready to meet contacts either females or dominant males.


What is YOUR preference, Bare Bottom spanking, or spanking with white panties on? And this is where you can put your own preferences within your personals advert telling dominant males or sub females just the type of spanking hookup you want.


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Lets face it you are not going to find a Bare Bottom Spankee bending over the Iceland frozen section and turning around and saying “Spank me Daddie” although what an amazing thought and would love to try that with my own sub.


Online personals sites offer an easy way to meet up with Bare Bottom spanking fans as members can just search for local contacts and then send messages, its really THAT easy, assuming of course you join a site that offers access to Bare Bottom Spanking females or males!.


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Should I join, shouldn’t I join, which to choose and which spanking site will offer me REAL local contacts!. All questions I’m sure many have asked when considering joining a bare bottom personals site and you know the answer is this one, why?

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