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Spanking dogging contacts! Is there anything more satisfying in life than spanking a willing or not so willing bottom in public location, or as most refer to them as Spanking Dogging meets, although I was spanking in public way before the Dogging term came around.


Whilst many get their kicks from fucking women over car bonnet for this spanker I love nothing more than having a bare bottom bending over a car bonnet waiting, sometimes begging me to start spanking her.


Meeting with outdoor spanking hookups or indoors is all about getting that personals advert posted up and start responding to Spanking contacts that love outdoor spanking, although with public spanking you do have to find locations and contacts carefully.


Safe Public Spanking.

The frill of having voyeurs watching over your spanking is for some the reason they use dogging locations, but it’s a case of knowing where to find these “private” and safe places to meetup and online is the only place to turn.


But when I say “online” I don’t mean by you typing into Google “ Spanking Dogging contacts near me” as all that will show is sites posting up outdated dogging locations that are no longer used, or places that are either patrolled by police or authorities..


Finding Dogging Spanking sites .

Or come to think of it any type of Dogging meet whether you want to spank in public or FUCK, its all about knowing the right places to find the information or the people to ask, and that’s where a Dogging Group that also loves spanking can help.


Within the members section you can access forum postings made by dogging contacts that detail locations where they will be, or by searching out you can find contacts that like spanking & public sex hookups – Its then a just a case of sending a message and pre arranging to meet up.


Pre arranged Spanking Hookups..

Most people pre arrange dogging hookups now as you can decide on a private location, swap car details and times when you will meetup, this is just the same for those that enjoy public spanking, in fact more so.


Meeting others that enjoy public humiliation and more so with the possibility of others around watching them taking punishments takes planning, both the contact you are meeting and the location. But many members do and you can access these contacts NOW.


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Want to see whats going on inside the members section? Join us and post up your Dogging Spanking personals ad, then search checking out other members and finding places to meetup. If later you want more features upgrade to VIP and the name of the site will not show on your credit card bill