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I’m Confused Spankee / Spankee’s  …

Spankees it’s a word not often used least in the mainstream circles but withing the Spanking and corporal punishment fetish scene a term that is often used by those seeking and those that want to be spanked, but it would seem some still are not sure what a spankee is / are.


If you look online then the almighty G and I’m not talking about god will offer the first and vert direct idiots guide to what spankees are, although if not somewhat direct I quote “corporal punishment on the backside, for the morons” really !! OK we were all born experts!


Its for this reason we’ve added this page and many other where we look at terms like spankee contacts and hopefully can help you have a better understanding of Spanking & CP (Corporal Punishment) and in term meet up with the right type of spankers .


What is a Spankee ? .

Really should be what are spankees, as these are either females or males that enjoy receiving a spanking and so are searching for dominant contacts that can be either male or female to offer out spanking to them… basically A Spankee is someone that gets spanked!


If you are new to Corporal Punishment & being spanked, you need to understand a few basics in that being a spankee its always with YOUR consent nothing is forced and whilst you may have seen or indeed experienced first-hand watching some being spanked its all about role play .


Spankee seeking Spanker ..

They say there’s no real pleasure without pain, the question is what level you want and therefore when posting your personals advert you need to tell members about what you are seeking, and should you be a new spankee tell members so they understand your level.


For some spankees they can view spanking as foreplay leading onto towards other types of CP or even just moving onto SEX and you also have members that love spanking and only seek of spankers for hardcore pain, but what is pivotal that you both want same.


Posting YOUR Spankee Hookup Profile ..

Here at spanking Meetups we want to ensure that we connect you with the right spankers / spankees and we offer a huge range of features and services to connect you with other members where you at chat, post in forums about types of meets or just exchange ideas and past spanking experiences.


By joining us you will be able connect with spankee personals & spankers near you and with our advance search you will soon be viewing personals and sending messages to members. We even offer a FREE personals ad where you can upload details, photos and access other members personals, this way you can see just whats on offer, then later upgrade should you want more features.


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