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Why is it that whenever you see live Chatrooms its often promoting some pay as you go porn site and this seems even more prevalent when you are talking about live spanking chatrooms, does no one just talk on chat rooms without demanding a credit card? Well YES.


If you are like me and love chatting online with others that have similar interests of just enjoy being around other kinky people, then meeting up online and chatting is a MUST and whilst at first it would seem hard to find Spanking live chat you just need to know where to look.


Since the early days of the internet its been offering different chat platforms for people to meet up on, most which were just FREE to access which at first seemed OK but then was sadly abused by idiots spoiling chatrooms, I’m thinking back to the early days of Comic Chat !


Then you didn’t know if you were talking to a male, female or in most cases some young idiots playing around. But whilst CC had its failings it did get people interested meeting online and so from this members online spanking chatrooms were set up.


Joining a Members Spank Chat .

As a member of Spanking Meetups you will be able to access our live chatroom where you can meet up with other within Spanking & Fetish chat. From here you can view members personals, checking out photos and reading about the types of spanking and fetish meetup they are looking for.


Once you’ve checked a member out start chatting by posting a message to the member and then wait for a response, or if you just want to say “Hi” to all members just post up message and you can be sure someone will come back to you and start chatting.


The members live chat is always busy with members chatting in different sections and should you want, you can check out other section or just jump right into the general chat meeting up with members online.


By accessing the chat you must agree to rules to be polite to others and not to spam the chatroom with loads of repeat postings. But by agreeing to rules it means the live chat is always a friendly and busy place with all types of contacts meeting up.


Setting up Private Spanking Rooms ..

Members can also set up private rooms, this is where one member will invite another to go “private” the advantage of private messages is that no one else can access your messages so you can talk about anything.


If you want to go “private” with a member its always a good idea to ask first as some members don’t like it if they just get a random request to meet in private, the best approach is to post a message on the live chat asking the member if they would like to meetup in private


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