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Spanking Advice 101 ..

Would you like to get into Spanking and not sure whether you are a bottom, top, master, mistress, spanker or spankee. Here we are going to try and offer some answers and if you are seeking to spice up your sex life a little trying spanking and meeting likeminded contacts then welcome and hopefully look forward to welcoming you in the members section, you can even join us for free and find spanking hookups near you!


Spanking has been around forever !! And in fact the first porn image I saw was a teacher and schoolgirl getting spanked, although clearly not a real schoolgirl looking at her, but role playing hookups and spanking do often play hand in hand, or should that be hand or slipper! ….Sir !


Spanking is probably one of the most sensual fetishes as it combines both pleasure & pain in the best possible way, that can sometimes lead onto other things, or just spanking alone. The question is whether you are a spanker or spankee in other words like to be offering the spanking or getting spanked.


Spanking More Questions Than Answers.

What does spanking exactly entail? What as a spankee do I need know? How hard should a Spanker slap! Some answers. Spanking without question is a special form of corporal punishment within the S&M kink. For many its extremely powerful and arousing, and whilst it may just look like a case of someone getting spanked , there is nothing simple about it.


Spanking revolves around stimulating the blood flow in the area of your choice by striking with either hands or other instruments of pleasure and pain. By increased blood flow, it leads towards much higher sensitivity, and many would assume its always about pain you can start slowly with feathers, silk then move on to other spanking tools.


Finding your ideal hookup ..

When posting your personals its extremely important you tell others if you are just starting to explore your spanking interests and would be considering all types of meetups or just not sure what you like, but being a member will offer you a safe place to explore talking and hopefully meeting others.


People have all types of spanking they enjoy with some going down a more traditional approach or using hands, some prefer slippers, feathers, canes so make sure when posting your profile that you tell them the types of spanking hookups you want as spanking is about pleasure and communication.


You Consent to being spanked! ..

Nothing is forced, no means NO and with anything that has a role playing meet is always about consent, although No can sometimes also mean YES, but more on safe words later on. Whether you like spanking leading up to other forms of SEX or you just want to meet wth others that only like spanking it’s vital that you communicate this with your partner so you both want the same.


When joining you will be able to connect with all types and levels of spanking contacts where you can meetup online on live spanking chat, exchange ideas posting in message boards and forums where you can read about past experiences, ideas or fantasies others have.


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